Masterpiece created by the meticulous

As a German immigrant and business development in Paris (France), Thierry Hermès, but quickly won the hearts of customers here with the luxury products, especially toys and saddle leather. Hermès products and boss Thierry receive more praise, awards and medals of honor of the French trade association at the time.

Hermès has a development journey is quite favorable, through the vicissitudes of the times, difficult years as first and second World War 2. After the flourishing period stretching from the late 19th century to the 70’s 20th century, Hermès began to decline. The fashion industry joined by some new firms, scarcity of raw materials that the company produced leather items like leather Hermès difficult than the maker of products from artificial materials .

Hermès also boost the production of jewelry accessories, watches … with sophisticated design, drawing. This poses new challenges for Hermès, the new road to be able to continue to exist and be able to compete with other fashion brands.

Hermès first bag was born in 1922, when Émile-Maurice Hermès wife – its management at the time did not find himself a bag like that. Afternoon wife, Émile-Maurice had designed himself a bag and this is the first Hermès bag. It begins here, Hermès officially entered the field of fashion handbags made with two lines of Kelly and Birkin bags legendary.

Will not say too much to say, apart from the silk scarf is considered “soft strength”, Hermès Hermès Birkin and Kelly are the product strategy for the French brand to the forefront fashion world.

Each Hermès Kelly bag is an artist for about 18 hours to do, completely handmade. When the workshop to cater to the production, the skin was attached and carefully tended, just waiting for “miracles” of the garment bag to turn it into products priced thousands of dollars.

Goatskin leather is often used to make linings for bags, will be the first to be lucky. Then, the skin will be used to handle craftsmen. The mechanic specializing leopard will be the product of its own, distinct from the product of specialized workers handle crocodile.


Expensive than the Kelly bag, the Hermes Birkin herself a well there is a no less interesting area of ​​the creation of it.

Birkin bag Hermès first design firm in 1984 for singer, model and actress Jane Birkin. On a flight from Paris to London, she was a model and actor Jean-Louis Dumas casually sitting next to the CEO of Hermès. Chat with the CEO, Jane has complained about his bag and expressed his desire to have a perfect bag for the weekend stroll.

If it takes up to 18 hours to complete a Kelly bag with Birkin, this figure is 48-50 hours as each bag are sewn, painted, polished, edit, splice buckle, hook them by hand. Each artist will be in charge from A to Z for a product, so almost any bag will not be completely identical. The price of each bag will be based on skill and reputation of the person making it, of course, quality is always a lifetime warranty.

Elites that each transmission is usually not just the money that can be owned by Hermès products, especially the two lines on the bag. According to data from The Economist announced the end of 2014, an average of one year made Hermes Birkin bag around 70,000, the number of bags Kelly even less.

Buyers must order 2-5 years to own a product. Fashion house would never notice the number, design and product delivery schedule for each branch in the world. This leads to the fact that not everyone wants to also be able to own a genuine Birkin bag. And more ironically, bags that customers want to buy can not be distributed in this country, but it is available in stores in other countries.

Hermès name is what people used to shape and perfect the luxuries of France by the commitment to quality and sophistication of each design. Life line of the brand is reflected in the consistent tradition of taste and class of Hermès manipulated expressed through limited quantities of their products to say “no” to the modern production technology chain tea. Each product is meticulously processed from start to finish by a single craftsman to ensure consistency, and its perfect for hand-delivered to the customer.

Phuong Khanh

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