“Space Vietnamese ao dai” – a new cultural destination

Aims to combine travel and tunics, NTK Lan Huong has worked tirelessly for many years to carry out this desire.

Do Dinh Hong – Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism awarded the logo “Travel Destinations” for NTK Lan Huong


Dated 11.12.2016 “Space Vietnamese ao dai” was officially opened at 18 Au Co, Hanoi, is a Hanoi Tourism Department recognized standard establishments serving tourists. Do Dinh Hong – Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism confirmed, this would be the “destination” of the essence of traditional village Hanoi.
Was the first to be awarded the Vietnam Artisan Dresses, NTK Lan Huong said she was devoted love for the traditional ao dai. “Space Vietnamese ao dai” is cherished sister and her husband for many years to introduce and honor the beauty of the traditional ao dai Vietnam; building a cultural experience space – art; is the home of the silk artisans from My Duc, Van Phuc silk, Quat Dong embroidery, silver carving Dinh Cong, Bat Trang pottery, weaving spill Trieu Khuc, conical hat village Bell …

“Space Vietnamese ao dai” was a “fashion house” to the local fashion designers and international meet. The opening period, the Princess Royal Malaysian delegation Teregganu State, attended the ceremony and watch a fashion show by Lan Huong long shirt design, with collections of fashion designers Indonesia and Malaysia.


NTK Lan Huong awarded embroidered scarf for Princess Royal Malaysian Bang Teregganu
As a “miniature museum”, “Space Vietnamese ao dai ‘display and introduce Vietnam’s dresses through the period costumes from non Y Lan Nguyen; ancient tunic over Jade statue sculpture Female (Time Tran) and Queen Nam Phuong (Nguyen Dynasty); training bibs; Consular Communications tunic shirt; four-Shirt; Shirt army tunic itself … to the years 1970 – 1980 … Besides being the BST included: Non la; jewelry; Comedy – wooden clogs …


In the immediate future, “Space Vietnamese ao dai” will operate nonprofit. However, if you want to become a “cultural meeting place” for the performing arts program, the organizers will certainly take into account the charges for maintaining the operation.


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