Textile finishing qualities make cooling effect

Researchers at the Hohenstein Institute (Germany) have developed quality finishes bring cooling effect, is based on p-menthane derivatives or also known as agonists N-ethyl-as p- 3-carboxamide menthnane-L-methyl lactate or icilin, and the other with conventional cooling effect achieved by physical processes.

These compounds have the advantage that when sprayed at very low concentrations in the small area of ​​the body, they gently cooling effect lasts for the duration of operation.
Type of finishing cooling were tested on a variety of different textile materials made from natural fibers or synthetic fibers and mixtures, and with different levels of active ingredients in the range of 0 , 1-1%.

According to the German authorities, the textile testing these substances trigger a stronger sense of cool, and neutralize odors and lasting effects and so can be used for medicinal purposes.

Hoang My Lan

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