9 stylish set of items for summer

With the simple scheme with the hot toys of the season fashion trend this year will bring you hard to resist a sophisticated girl.

Shirt with shorts on fabric the same color coordination and cross-strap bag sedge is interesting suggestions for hot days.

That seemed to be boring, but the types of dresses show off skinny shoulders still won the hearts of women. We increased the appeal by building on rich materials, elegant colors.

Lovely lace skirt suit with a date in the presence of coffee or tea parties. Sexy costumes are coordinated strokes respect the silvery metallic color shoes, handbag takes on pretty small bird cages.

Coordinate with the late style skirt shoulder shoe design is simply knit wire and patterns Hand bags classic style.

Just one gram a tutu, cerulean blue will also help you become a stylish girl with hot trends of 2016.

Two wire skirt checkered motif, encrusted shoes and clutch decorated nails icon is fun items just sexy pictures bring fresh medium for a girlfriend.

The ribbon to bring the new touches two wires shirt. The combination of this pattern shirt with a small lateral pipe shorts, leather sandals, wide-brimmed hat will make you get the picture girl youthful, modern and personality.

Austria tie wrap is also hot items now represent no less competitive late shoulder dresses. It easily combines the vertical tube-style trousers, midi skirts, dresses or shorts letter A.

The body style is closely tailored dresses in soft silk material and simple in shape is still the indispensable outfit in the summer.


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